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Writing Services

I help businesses attract targeted organic search traffic through content designed to engage readers and convert them into leads.

Who I Work With:

  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Travel & Tourism Companies
  • Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Startups

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Travel & Tourism

International Living

  • How Blogging Funds Your Travels
  • Puerto Misahualli – Gateway to the Ecuadorian Jungle (October issue)
  • Forget the Galapagos – Visit Isla de la Plata
  • Colombia’s Most Magical Mountain Villages

Centro Y Sur (First Edition)

Bogotá: Latin America’s Vegetarian Paradise

The capital of Colombia, Bogotá, is home to a booming vegetarian movement, and around 50 strictly veg restaurants have sprung up across the city to meet the demand. Choices aren’t limited to just beans and rice either. The selection is surprisingly varied, ranging from Indian-style dishes at Hare Krishna buffets to funky fusion dishes that put a veg twist on international cuisine.

Travel + Escape

  • The Magic of Colombia’s Small Towns
  • Experience Trinidad’s Carnival Party… In Your Feet

Matador Network

Border Crossing Guide(s): Peru to Ecuador to Colombia

You spent an amazing six months in Colombia, and all you want now is a 25-cent cup of locally grown coffee and an arepa. Your Colombian companion agrees, naturally, that Colombia is una chimba (read: the shiz) and is down to retrace it to the motherland.


Are You Free? A Look At Defining Your Personal Freedom

Living in this free society, however, I felt like a slave. I was enslaved by bills and debt, by a corporate job that didn’t contribute to the overall well-being of the world, by materialism and excess, by the image of success, by the expectations of others. I felt stifled, caged, and discontent. I had to escape.

Go Backpacking

How To Be Lost Without Looking Lost

While you’re lost, you begin to read the names of every single street and every single sign that you pass. A lot of these indicators will be above your line of sight, so your head resembles something like a pinball that has been shot furiously by the right flipper. Do you see the locals looking up, or looking around wildly?

Travel Generation

8 Cool Things To Go Do In Bogota

Bogotá has a highly developed reggae scene – it’s rumored that the city has over 10,000 dreadlocks and rastas! If you want a secret peek into this subculture, check out Casa Babylon, Congo, or Jammin.

5 Places in Ecuador to Add to Your Bucket List

Work on your tan on the Ruta del Sol on Monday, head to a pueblo (traditional community) in the mountains Tuesday, and then embark on a jungle excursion Wednesday.

How To Spend 24 Hours in Medellín, Colombia

After you’ve posed for a few photos with these unusually curvaceous, naked figurines, head inside the Museo de Antioquia. Here’ll you find an entire floor dedicated to Botero’s work, including the famous scene of Pablo Escobar being shot on the rooftops of Medellín – though in the artist’s rendition, Pablo is obese.

On a Junket

Puerto Misahuallí

Stopping in Puerto Misahuallí, gateway to the jungle of Ecuador, is like visiting another world. Kids stroll through the central park, boa constrictors wrapped around their small necks. Mischievous monkeys scamper across rooftops and between treetops, looking for leftover food to steal from local restaurants

Isla de la Plata: The Poor Man’s Galapagos

In order to protect their defenseless newborns, the boobies (the birds, not the female anatomy) expel poop in all directions. While maybe not the most sanitary defense mechanism, it seemed to be working for them.


Montañita is one of those places that will inspire a mild repulsion or a serious addiction. While some get bored quickly by the monotony of Montañita – tan, eat, drink, sleep – others fall in lust and spend their entire 90-day tourist allowance here.


For the younger crowd, there’s a “see and be seen” feel in the air, whether it be in one of the overpriced restaurants or in a fancy high-rise hotel or family beach house.

Live Bold and Bloom

How To Design Your Own Life of Adventure

The store was jam-packed with families pushing shopping carts full of screaming kids, picking out a new shade of green to paint their bathroom walls. All of a sudden, I had an epiphany. Witnessing the scene unfold, I asked myself if this was the life I wanted. Do I want to fulfill society’s notion of success, living in a big house, driving a fancy car, having a high-powered career, waiting to meet a man to marry and have children with?

Vagabond Journey

Tips For Solo Female Travel

I also can’t emphasize enough the importance of listening to and trusting your instincts. There’s a thin line between being overly paranoid and dangerously naive. It might take awhile to find a balance if you’re not used to listening to your inner voice, but my instincts have kept me safe from dodgy situations and helped me be open with those who have become great friends.

How to Learn Foreign Languages

As I embarked on my Latin America journey, I had a really strong desire to get to know the heart of the people in this region, to hear their stories, to connect on a deeper level. I knew that this wouldn’t be possible without the language, so again I practiced Spanish as soon as I got off the plane.

Got Saga

4 Secret Destinations in Colombia You Don’t Know About

In the region of Boyacá, this destination is so well kept that even most Colombians don’t know about it. Walk through the cobble-stoned streets, admire the hardworking local farmers with their rosy red cheeks, and enjoy small town life in a visually stunning environment – tell me you won’t fall in love.

Gap Year Escape

4 Reasons Colombia is Awesome

Colombians are a passionate people. They have a colorful way of utilizing the Spanish language in a way that even the most mundane thing sounds absolutely magical.

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