About Me | Jasmine Golden
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Jasmine Golden

Hello! Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Jasmine Golden and I help businesses fix their broken SEO strategy.

I first got into SEO back in 2010 when I got a freelance gig with an SEO agency. From there I ran SEO experiments on my own travel websites and made a pretty good living from it.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with several different digital agencies and clients like Nike, VISIT FLORIDA, Belvedere, and the Beverly Hilton.

Over the years, as I learned what an effective SEO strategy looks like, I realized that search engine optimization is part of a whole. You hire someone to “do your SEO” because you want people to visit your site. And you want people to visit your site because you want them to buy something, to call you, or to visit your store.

That’s why any SEO strategy must be created with conversion in mind. And conversions largely depend on the way your website is structured and the content on your site, along with the way it’s optimized for search engines.

That’s where I come in. I’m trying to change the game up. I don’t just “do SEO”. I help you get the results that actually matter.

Will you join me?

Get a FREE quote for your website’s analysis and strategy within 24 hours.